29th February – 7th March, 2020

I decided to spend my first trip of the year back in Bangalore. Little did I know what would happen as I was enjoying my trip and how this would affect us all in the coming days and weeks and now months!

After arriving into Bangalore airport at 5am on the Sunday morning, I headed to my hotel to check in and rest for a couple of hours. After freshening up, I wandered along to St Mark’s Cathedral to attend their 10:30am Eucharist. This was their third service of the day and was extremely busy. Enjoyed the service, which was conducted in English! Afterwards, enjoyed a cup of coffee and fellowship in the cathedral gardens.

Spent the rest of the week catching up with friends, sightseeing and relaxing. For a country that is predominantly Hindu, it’s amazing how many churches there are in the city. I visited a few and you can out more about them later in this blog.

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