Cardiff Metropolitan Cathedral


The Metropolitan Cathedral Church of St David

This is a Roman Catholic cathedral located in the centre of Cardiff. It is the centre of the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Cardiff. It is the focal point for Catholic life in the city and Wales as a whole.

The original building was built between the years of 1839-42 and cost £2,124. It was dedicated to the patron saint of Wales, St David at the request of Lady Catherine Eyre of Bath who had donated towards it’s construction. The current building was designed by Pugin and Pugin Architects in 1884-87. In 1916 it became the seat of the Roman Catholic Archbishop of Cardiff and then in 1920, it was declared the Cathedral Church of the new Archdiocese of Cardiff.

In March 1941, the cathedral was destroyed when German incendiary bombs pierced the roof during an air-raid. It was restored and rebuilt during the 1950s, reopening in March 1959.

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