St. Paul’s Cathedral, Dundee

St. Paul’s is an Anglican cathedral in the city of Dundee. It is the Mother Church of the Diocese of Brechin in the Scottish Episcopal Church. In 1847, the new Bishop of Brechin, Alexander Forbes, decided to make Dundee permanent residence. He urged his people ‘to take on the holy work of building, to the glory of God, a stately church.’

The foundation stone of the cathedral was laid in 1853 and the architect was Sir George Gilbert Scott. The cathedral is in the Middle or Decorated period of Gothic architecture. It was finished in 1855 and cost in excess of £14,000. It was nearly 10 years before the congregation could pay off all the debts incurred. The church was dedicated on All Souls Day, 1st November 1865 and was raised to cathedral status in 1905.


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