9th July, 2022


Well, it’s been far too long since I wrote anything on here. Let’s put it down to doing other things, life getting in the way and also a touch of laziness!

So the past couple of years have been kind of crazy with the whole Covid situation – lockdowns, unable to get abroad and a whole host of restrictions. It certainly seems like we are going in the right direction and we’ll just have to learn to live with this disease.

I started travelling again in June last year and most of my journeys were to London and I also managed to get back to Gloucester and across the border into Wales and Cardiff. I was finally able to get overseas last month however, it was not to my intended destination. I had been booked to tour Uzbekistan but a little over two weeks before departure, the tour was cancelled due to a lack of numbers on it. Spent an afternoon checking out various destinations and itineraries and decided on a few days in London then heading over to Germany for a week based in Frankfurt am Main. It felt so good to be in a different country and I’ve now got loads of material to update on here especially with some of the great Romanesque cathedrals from that area.

So bare with me as I slowly get my site updated and enjoy some lovely pictures!

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