St. Patrick’s Church – Bengaluru, India

St. Patrick’s is one of the oldest churches belonging to the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Bangalore. It is located in a prime part of the city and was originally dedicated to Our Lady. In it’s time it has served as a cathedral and then as a personal parish.

The foundation stone was laid in July 1841 and the church was completed by the end of 1844. It was dedicated as the Church of the Assumption but before it was even completed, it was known as St. Patrick’s due to its popularity with Irish troops stationed in the area. The church was part of the Diocese of Mysore and in 1845, Bishop Charbonnaux made it his cathedral.

During 1894 to 1899 the church was rebuilt, adding among other things the pair of steeples which is how the church still stands as at today. On 12th November 1899 the church was consecrated as the Cathedral of the Diocese of Mysore. When the Diocese of Bangalore was created in 1940, St. Francis Xavier’s Church became the new cathedral of the diocese.


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