Dunblane Cathedral


Christianity was first established in Dunblane in the year 602 by followers of St. Blane. The cathedral dates back to the 12th Century and most of what stands today was constructed during the bishopric of Clement (1233-58). When he died, the Lady Chapel had been built and most of the cathedral as it largely stands today.

The building was built in the Gothic style apart from the lower half of the bell tower which is Romanesque in design and dates from the 11th Century. The upper part was added during the 15th Century. After the reformation, the congregation only required the choir for use as the parish church. The roof of the nave fell in around 1600 and remained roofless for nearly 300 years. A great restoration was begun in 1889 and the nave was re-roofed and public worship was restored there in 1893.

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