23rd Feb – 3rd March, 2019

I spent a week back in India on vacation. It was lovely to be back again and also to get away from the UK winter! I spent my first three nights back in Delhi before travelling down to Bengaluru for four nights.

I enjoyed exploring a bit more of Delhi as this was just my second time there. On the Sunday evening I attended evening worship at the Cathedral Church of the Redemption. This was a interesting experience as it wasn’t a traditional service – it had a bad and modern settings of worship. Was made to feel very welcome and enjoyed a nice cup of chai outside after the service. You certainly couldn’t do that on a February night here in Aberdeen!

Also visited Safdarjung’s Tomb and my first Sikh temple – Gurudwara Bangla Sahib. This was a very nice experience plus I had to be barefoot and have my head covered. I also managed to gatecrash a wedding at the Cathedral of the Sacred Heart!

Bengaluru was more relaxing plus it was also a lot warmer than Delhi. Revisited St Mark’s Cathedral and was also able to visit St. Andrew’s Church a former Church of Scotland church.IMG_20190225_090044_070

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