20th – 22nd December, 2018

Arrived safely into London on the afternoon of the 19th and headed directly to my cousins’ in Worcester Park. It was nice to catch up with them especially this close to Christmas. As well as coming here to visit them, I had also arranged to visit an exhibition at the British Museum on Friday morning….

17th – 19th December, 2018

After leaving Gloucester, I then headed down to Bristol for the next part of my vacation. I spent 3 months during this year’s hot summer so it was interesting to be back here in winter. Preparations were in full swing for Christmas and there was a wonderful German-style market in the Broadmead area. On the…

15th & 16th December, 2018

      On vacation and arrived in Gloucester this afternoon. It’s lovely to be back after almost 6 months. So what’s a boy got to do? Visit the cathedral of course! Decided I would go to Evening Prayer at 16:30 which was in the gorgeous but intimate Thomas Chapel. There was just two of…

28th October, 2018

Well, after a rather stressful week at work it was nice to spend today at our cathedral here in Aberdeen. That is, St Andrew’s. As you can see from a previous post, it is part of the the Scottish Episcopal Church and I’ve been a regular attendee here since mid July. This morning attended the…

21st October, 2018

So it’s been almost 2 months since I decided to create this blog. The main reason being my love the different types of architecture found in the cathedrals and churches in this country and beyond. Secondly, I’ve built up a wealth of material from my recent time spent working in the south west of England….