7th – 15th December, 2019


In early December I went on my final vacation of the year back to India. I decided to spend 3 nights in Hyderabad before heading down to Bangalore for 4 further nights. The main reason was to catch up with my friends there and also to get some much needed sunshine and warmth!

I arrived in Hyderabad on the Sunday morning, so I wanted to visit St. George’s Church for Evensong as I hadn’t managed on my previous trip. The service was really nice and followed the standard setting from the BCP – where it was different was after it ended, as they then went straight into Communion.

Whilst in Bangalore, I was able to visit the Roman Catholic Cathedral of St. Francis Xavier. My priest from St. Andrew’s here in Aberdeen arranged a daytrip to Vellore to visit Christian Medical College (CMC) to see how they operate and look after the poorest members of Indian society. It was really fascinating and I was impressed with all that they do. From their medical care to outreach work in the communities both in the city and the rural villages. I’ve attached a few pictures here of my visit including the chapel at RUSHA.

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