Corpus Christi, Maiden Lane – London


Corpus Christi is a Roman Catholic church located on Maiden Lane, Covent Garden in the City of Westminster area of London. The church building is in the Early English Gothic style and was designed by Frederick Hyde Pownall.

The foundation stone was laid in 1873 on the site which had been leased to the parish by the Duke of Bedford on condition that the building should cost no more than £6,000. In fact, the total cost was £8,000 and it was to be 1956 before this debt was paid off therefore allowing the church to be consecrated. The church however opened in 1874 by the Cardinal Archbishop of Westminster, Henry Manning. It is dedicated to Corpus Christi “as an act of reparation for the indignities offered to the Blessed Sacrament in this country in the sixteenth century and since”.

The church underwent a £1.5million restoration project to remove the 1970s paint and was reopened by Cardinal Vincent Nichols, Archbishop of Westminster in 2018. At that time he dedicated the Diocesan Shrine to the Blessed Sacrament.

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