St. Stephan zu Mainz

The Collegiate Church of St Stephan is located in the city of Mainz, the capital of the German state of Rhineland-Palatinate. It was built in the Gothic style and is also a ‘hall’ church. It is now principally known for it’s stained glass windows designed by Marc Chagall.

The church was originally built in 990 on the the orders of Archbishop Willigis who also initiated the construction of Mainz Cathedral and was founded on the top of the highest hill in the town. The current church buildings date from the late medieval period with the construction of the main buildings taking place from 1267 -1340. St Stephan is the oldest Gothic Hall church in the Upper Rhine district.

Very little changes have been made to the church over the centuries. The cloister was added between 1462-1499 and the outer face of the church was updated during the Baroque era. St Stephan was badly damaged during Allied bombing raids of Mainz during World War II and was restored over the following 25 years after the war. The famous windows designed by Chagall were begun in 1978 and ended with his death in 1985. He designed nine in total depicting scenes from the Old Testament.

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