Holy Trinity Church – Bengaluru, India

This church, considered a major landmark of Bangalore, is located at Trinity Circle at the east end of MG Road. It is regarded as the largest ‘military’ church of southern India. It can accommodate up to 700 worshippers.

This was the second church to be built in Bangalore by the East India Company against their ‘one-station-one-church-policy.’ This was because St Mark’s could not accommodate the volume of worshippers at the time. The site was chosen by Bishop Daniel Corrie and the foundation stone was laid in 1848. The church was built in the English Renaissance style and consecrated on 25th July, 1852.

Following Independence in 1947, the church was taken over by the Christian Indian Military personnel and their families. At that time it was known as the Holy Trinity Garrison Pastorate. It was renamed to it’s present name in 1965 by the Mysore Diocese and in 2003 renovated.

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