22nd – 30th September, 2019

For my main vacation for this year I decided to head back to the Philippines. I planned to stay in Manila and also Puerto Princesa on the island of Palawan. I was going mainly to catch up with friends but also to do a little more exploring as I didn’t really see much of Puerto on my last visit.

In Manila, I revisited the Cathedral and when I arrived they were preparing for lunchtime Mass. I decided to stay and take part as a lot of the service was familiar to me. Afterwards I spent some time wandering around before heading to the San Agustin Church. This was somewhere I wanted to visit as I never made it on my first trip back in 2016. To get inside the church, you need to purchase an entry into the attached museum.

The museum is very well laid out and the information cards are quite informative. The exhibits range from religious carvings and imagery to some beautiful works of art and items of furniture from the Augustinian monastery. The highlight of course, was when you get to go into the church.

I’ve attached pictures from the Museum but see my separate posts for the Church and the Cathedral. I’ve also a post from Puerto Princesa Cathedral which is quite a modern structure from the 1960s.

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